Academic Affairs Office Visited Our College to Investigate Undergraduate Teaching Work
pubdate: 2021-02-02 views:

On the morning of January 29, 2021, Huang Yanping, Deputy Director of Academic Affairs Office and Deputy Director (in charge of the work) of Modern Educational Technology and Practice Training Center, visited the college for investigation and guidance, and learned about the undergraduate teaching, laboratory teaching, laboratory relocation and new engineering construction of the college. Dong Jun, the deputy dean of the college, Zheng Li, the deputy secretary of the Party committee, the deputy directors of undergraduate teaching of each department (research institute), the main principals of the experimental center and the teachers' representatives attended the discussion.

At the meeting, Dong Jun briefly reported the overall situation of the college's major setting, curriculum system, laboratory construction, etc., and introduced the main difficulties in the course of the college's relocation to Xiang'an Campus in the construction of undergraduate teaching laboratory .Faculty representatives from each department (research institute) put forward specific questions and opinions on equipment, venue, course opening, etc.

Huang Yanping said that the college will soon move to Xiang'an campus, the relocation task is full of difficulties, but it is also a rare opportunity, to combine experimental teaching and curriculum system, into the whole process of talent training. She hopes that the college will do a good job in the following three aspects: the first is that laboratory construction should support talent training and curriculum system; the second is to do a good job of personnel, space, equipment integration, strive to achieve the maximum utilization of resources; the third is to stand in the perspective and height of the whole school to consider the overall planning.

(Written by Zheng Yuling)