College Has Been Approved by the Ministry of Education for the Second Batch of New Engineering Research and Practice Projects
pubdate: 2021-01-29 views:

Recently, the General Office of the Ministry of Education issued the Notice on the Announcement of the Second Batch of New Engineering Research and Practice Projects (EHH [2020] No. 23), among which the "Reform and Practice of Multi-Collaborative Talents Training Model for Electronic Information Engineering Major under the Background of New Engineering" project presided over by Professor Shi Zhiyuan of our college was listed.

Starting from the upgrading construction of Electronic Information Engineering, a traditional engineering major of Xiamen University, the project explores the connotation and specific measures of "multi-collaborative talent cultivation" around three basic issues of "knowledge system", "social value" and "sustainable development".  The project research contents can be summarized as "3S", mainly includes three parts: in the knowledge and skills needed for interdisciplinary fusion (Skills) for this, to the social value of collaborative innovation education (Social value), and then to the sustainable development of the pluralistic and open system (Sustainable development), follow the new engineering talent cultivating course of three different: professional education, social practice, lifelong learning, with condensed mode in the process of the professional talents cultivation infiltrate the teaching link of education.


The construction of new engineering research and practice projects aims to actively respond to the new round of scientific and technological revolution and industrial change, serve the needs of national strategy and regional development, and promote the new engineering construction to deepen, expand, break through, and start again. It is reported that a total of 5 projects from Xiamen University were selected for the new engineering research and practice projects.


In recent years, the college attaches great importance to the construction of first-class undergraduate programs and teaching reform, deepens the construction of specialty connotation, and improves the level of specialty construction. The approval of this project is an affirmation of the periodic achievements made in the exploration of talent cultivation mode under the background of "new engineering". The school will continue adhering to the foundation, strengthening the construction of new engineering, and constantly improving the professional quality assurance system to improve the quality of talent training.